Module Studies Digital Humanities

The module studies Digital Humanities at FAU offer the opportunity to acquire subject-specific basics and practical application knowledge in the field of digital humanities and social sciences and to graduate with a certificate. Students of all disciplines, prospective students, working professionals and senior* students can enroll in the module studies starting in the upcoming winter semester 2021/22 (subject to approval by the committees). Participants in the two-semester module studies are regularly enrolled students. However, there is no entitlement to BaföG.


The module studies are modules from the regular BA program in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences that have been combined to form a new, interdisciplinary program of study. The program aims at acquiring “Future Skills“, which are more and more required in studies, in research as well as in almost all professional fields, within the framework of a two-semester, university-based study program. Students and doctoral candidates experience a scientific profile formation in the field of Digital Literacy as well as in the field of Data Literacy by setting the focus.

Successful completion is evidenced by a certificate from FAU. It documents the competencies acquired and is supplemented by a separate, graded performance overview.

Within the framework of the module studies, participants receive basic competencies in the Digital Humanities and specialized competencies according to individual interests. Depending on the chosen combination of modules, you will acquire qualifications in the field of digital processes and data-driven research methods in the context of an inter- and transdisciplinary research landscape of humanities, social sciences and computer science and gain a fundamental insight into the current discourse on digitization, the digital transformation in science and society.

The module studies are aimed at, among others.
  • Baccalaureate students and prospective students who would like to gain an insight into the subject Digital Humanities before deciding on a regular course of study; credits earned will be credited to the BA program;
  • All FAU students who would like to acquire a specific additional qualification inDigital Literacy and Data Literacy in addition to their courses of study or subjects of study (Bachelor’s, Master’s, teaching degree);
  • BA graduates from subject-related programs (university or TH/FH) who are seeking admission to the MA program Digital Humanities at FAU and need to obtain additional qualifications in specific areas;
  • Students with alternative educational paths;
  • Promoting students and postdocs who need specific skills in research data, data literacy, and digital analytics for their research projects;
  • Study graduates, some of whom would like to bring achievements already made in regular degree programs into the certificate program;
  • People who would like to continue their education in the sense of “lifelong learning” in parallel to or after their professional activity in “Future Skills“.

The module studies comprise 30 ECTS, which are acquired in two semesters (standard period of study, extendable to three semesters) through successful participation in lectures, seminars and practical exercises from the digital humanities and computer science. The choice of modules is discussed together in the course advisor’s office and individually arranged according to prior knowledge and interests.

The modules are divided into three areas in terms of content:

  • DH basics,
  • Informatics-mathematics fundamentals,
  • Specialization.

The three areas include a pool of modules from which an individual curriculum can be compiled in consultation with the faculty advisor, depending on prior knowledge and desired profiling.

In the Subject Examination Regulations and Study Plan you will find detailed and binding information on the curriculum.

A university entrance qualification is required in order to enroll at the university. Apart from the semester fee, there are no other costs.
Requirement Enrollment in module studies
Start of studies Winter semester
Admission restriction none
Regulatory study time 2 semesters
ECTS points 30 ECTS points
Scope 15 SWS per semester
Fees No other fees besides the semester fee


Philipp Kurth, M. Sc.


Department of Computer Science
Chair of Computer Science 9 (Computer Graphics)