Job Offer: Doctoral or postdoctoral researchers in Digital Humanities and Social Studies (65% or 100%, TV-L A13 a.Zt. / E13, starting ASAP)

The Humboldt Chair in Digital Humanities (Prof. Michaela Mahlberg PhD) at the Department of Digital Humanities and Social Studies at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg is looking for up to 8 postdoctoral and doctoral researchers to join exciting projects on language, data, and society in the digital world.

In today’s digital world, a deep understanding of language and its role in society is vital for humanity. Human beings use language to act, to do things and interact with one another. People use language to make sense of the world. Language is used to tell the stories and create the narratives that shape our society, our culture and our reality. The digital world has added further dimensions to the way in which language provides data, helps to interpret data and tells stories about data. Crucially, a lot of data in the digital world is language data. At the same time, the human perspective on data will always require language to make sense of it. Even if AI takes over the telling of stories of humanities, it will need to be humans who make sense of them, and they need language to do so. Join our DHSS team and contribute to a programme of innovative research with projects that develop computational, corpus, and statistical methods and software, as well as topic-focused projects in digital environmental humanities, digital literary and cultural history, digitally supported storytelling and creative writing.

Please find a full job description and further information here.
Application deadline: 17.05.2024