Behind the scenes of the “funklust AI week”

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After recording the program (from left): Amelie, Sabine Lang and Max (Picture: funklust e.V.)

Last week, the “funklust AI week” took place: Experts from various research fields discussed the influence of artificial intelligence in eight topic-specific live broadcasts (in German). Topics included AI and ethics, AI and law/politics, and AI in work/communication. The event concluded with a panel discussion on Friday, June 14th, on “Learning and Teaching with AI” (in German).

Sabine Lang from the DHSS talked with moderators Max and Amelie about AI in arts and culture. They discussed the influence and use of AI in art, image generators and their potentials, risks, and limitations. The trio also talked about the first AI-generated work auctioned on the market, Sabine Lang’s research at the DHSS, the “AI Experiment” at FAU, and future applications.

If you missed the broadcasts, you can listen to the compilations of the interviews on the “funklust” website:
The studio. Photo: Sabine Lang