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The research of the department focuses on the opportunities and challenges of the extensive and fundamental datafication and algorithmization of man-made phenomena that constitute our social coexistence and our cultures (conditio humana). Thus, it will focus on objects of various forms and materiality, immaterial concepts such as systems of rules, expectations, patterns of interpretation, practices, traditions, language, and other communication and sign systems. Datafication and algorithmisation are accompanied by the idea that the ›entire world‹ can be digitally recorded and calculated in its relations and developments: Beethoven’s Fifth, the work of Thomas Mann, the oeuvre of Dürer, photos of celebrities or a discourse on political events on Twitter are, in this idea, only five patterns of the data stream that can be analyzed with the same basic concepts and instruments (Harari: Homo Deus). In this view, the world is identical with data and models that are supposed to be a digital double of reality. However, data and their analysis only ever acquire meaning within specific socio-cultural contexts of origin, interpretation and action. Every ›access to the world‹ (›Weltzugriff‹) presupposes an articulation and disarticulation of moments, because the intended thing or the intended circumstance is infinitely differentiable and can be grasped in the most diverse ways.

Modelling of the research objects of the Conditio Humana is challenging and scientifically attractive due to the contextual entanglement, the semantic as well as conceptual fuzziness, the transcriptivity of its symbol systems as well as the discursive concept of truth. It demands and encourages the development of new research approaches that interweave quantitative data science and qualitative hermeneutic perspectives. Last but not least, this research field is also highly relevant for society and for a reflected and, in this sense, sovereign shaping of the digital transformation.

We are looking for 4 PostDocs to contribute to this complex research field.