DHSS at UHDL 2023

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On March 27th, Ute Verstegen and Dominik Kremer represent the DHSS at UHDL 2023, hosted by LMU Munich, with a talk on the topic

The Nuremberg Stations of the Cross. Enriching on-site experiences of a historical pathway by the “FAU GeoExplorer” App.

With the FAU Geoexplorer, at the DHSS we provide a tool supporting digitally enhanced on site excursions, school trips and trips for public audiences. The FAU Geoexplorer combines the advantages of multimedia content arranged according to up to date knowledge from geodidactics with geovisalisation and functions imported from contemporary E-learning tools (https://www.geographie.nat.fau.de/forschung/ag-glasze/fau-geoexplorer/, German only).

UHDL (Workshop on Research and Education in Urban History in the Age of Digital Libraries) beside epistemological approaches adresses technologies and frameworks for preparing data, machine learning and suitable visualisations in the field of Education in Urban History.