Project Presentation: The VIKUS-Viewer “Working Women”

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View of the VIKUS-Viewer "Working Women".

In the course of the project module, Birte Neubauer (BA Digital Humanities and Social Studies) developed the VIKUS-Viewer “Working Women”. In cooperation with the Museum of Communication in Bern, digitized material from the museum’s archive was selected and structured, analyzed, and presented in a new way. Birte Neubauer decided to utilize a dossier on “Women in the Swiss Postal Telegraph and Telephone Agency (PTT)” and to prepare and visualize the included materal in an interactive manner. To do so, she used the VIKUS-Viewer (, a web-based visualization system that allows the presentation of large data collections and an exploration of thematic and temporal patterns. The Viewer was developed at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and is publicly available on GitHub. The VIKUS-Viewer “Working Women” presents a collection of the findings from the PTT archive and invites users to engage with the history of women in an interactive way.

Link to the Viewer:

The practical or project module is an integral part of the BA Digital Humanities and Social Studies. The aim is to gain practical experience in a professional field related to the field of study or in an application-oriented project. Students can choose a topic from the broad field of digital humanities and social studies; the project auction, which brings together ideas from students and teachers, serves as an inspiration.