Newly acquired project IsoGW at Isotope Hydrology (IAEA)

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On July 6-7, 2023, Dominik Kremer attended on behalf of DHSS the International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology at IAEA in Vienna with a poster presentation on the newly acquired BMBF-funded project IsoGW. At the symposium, researchers from all over the world, especially from national groundwater management, gathered for exchange.

In the project, an interpolated and dynamically adaptable digital cartographic overview of the distribution of stable water isotopes and tritium concentrations of groundwater for all of Germany is being created for the first time with support of the DHSS. In combination with the known isotope distributions of precipitation and surface waters, hydrological processes such as groundwater recharge areas can be specifically identified and questions regarding drinking water production from bank filtrate can be answered. Groundwater mapping and the database will be available to users after the end of the project in a free, interactive, long-term and expandable form, thus offering added value for forensics and archaeology as well.