Researchers’ Day 2023

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Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

The Department of Digital Humanities and Social Studies joins other researchers from the Philosophical Faculty at this year’s Researchers’ Day (27 July).

The following talks will report on current research at the Department:

  • Dr. Dominik Kremer: “Der Nürnberger Kreuzweg in der “FAU GeoExplorer” App: digital unterstützt, vor Ort vermittelt” (10:30 am until 11 am, Session 4)
  • Dr. Sabine Lang: “Mind the Gap”: Von Lücken in der Provenienzforschung und ihrer Präsenz im Digitalen (1:30 pm until 2 pm, Session 2)

More information about the Researchers’ Day and the program can be found HERE.